The ENLIGHT project is interested in a distinctive exchange with the research community. Thus, unless already published through this homepage, comprehensive summaries of each report may be requested from the coordinator.

1st Periodic Report – Publishable Executive Summary (.pdf)
2nd Periodic Report – Publishable Executive Summary (.pdf)
D 1.1 Overview of current module concepts
D 1.2 Common SEAM specifications and requirements
D 1.3 ENLIGHT specific specifications of material & process innovations and references
D 1.4 Component definition for each task
D 1.5 Concept definition
D 1.6 Designed and evaluated components
D 2.1 Material models report
D 2.2 First full set of material models for all simulation disciplines
D 2.3 MMF material model failure criterion report
D 2.5 Material model validation routines
D 3.1 Test methods for characterisation at the coupon level of novel materials developed
D 3.2 Novel thermoplastic matrix composite materials
D 3.5 Coated carbon fibres for stiffness modifiable composites (.pdf)
D 3.8 Novel advanced hybrid materials
D 3.10 Novel Bio-composites and renewable materials
D 4.1 Selection of suitable adhesive and surface preparation for the adherents
D 4.2 Report on advanced methods for adhesive bondings
D 4.3 Assessment on welding as assembly technique for thermoplastic composite
D 4.4 Assessment on advanced hybrid materials joining methods
D 4.7 Suitable composite materials manufacturing processes for medium volume production
D 4.8 Efficient high volume RTM manufacturing of advanced composite products
D 4.9 Advanced hybrid materials manufacturing technologies
D 4.10 Mass production thermoplastic composite technology development for structural application
D 5.1 Material data for MATISSE
D 5.2 Report on characterisation and testing strategies
D 5.3 Component characterisation and testing report (draft)
D 6.1 Preliminary modules (1 for each task)
D 7.1 Report on selected LCA methodology
D 8.1 Dissemination and exploitation strategy (SEAM)
D 8.2 Project Leaflet (.pdf)
D 8.3 Project website as part of the SEAM website
D 8.4 Semi-annual project newsletters (ENLIGHT contribution to SEAM newsletter)
D 8.5 Mid-term report of SEAM cluster activities